Nutramara is a 100% Irish owned and operated blue biotechnology company, ideally located on the south-west coast of Ireland in Western Europe. Nutramara is a leader in the blue revolution, harnessing the power of biotechnology, biology and the ocean to develop next generation phytochemical ingredients and formulations.


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Nutamara’s ethos is rooted in the desire to create and develop, but not negatively impact the environment in which it operates. Every decision made from coastal and marine impact to product development, packaging and distribution is carefully thought out and planned to have as little effect on our natural ecosystem as possible.

With this in mind the company has developed a robust sustainability plan as part of the Origin Green programme. Origin Green is Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme, uniting government, the private sector and food producers through Bórd Bia, the Irish Food Board. The programme enables Ireland’s food industry to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets, establishing a baseline for continuous improvement.

Nutramara’s Origin Green sustainability targets include:

  • Ensure sustainably sourced raw materials
  • Become zero waste by utilising a novel biorefinery process
  • Maintain chemical free processing
  • Participate in community initiatives
  • Promote the benefits of marine ingredients to the general public

Sustainably harvested from the west coast of Ireland in Western Europe, wild organic seaweed is dried and milled in an organically certified, food grade facility before being processed in Ireland’s leading food R&D centre in the South West.

The wild, organic seaweed used in the Nutramara supply chain is sustainably hand harvested, meaning regrowth is guaranteed and the delicate seabed and marine life go undisturbed. Nutramara seaweed harvesters sustainably cultivate and harvest seaweeds in optimum growth phases from the Atlantic Ocean and complete primary processing in an organically certified facility. This in-chain collaboration enables Nutramara to process pristine seaweed harvests within 12 hours, using novel sustainable technology releasing “closest to nature” high potency phytochemical molecules.

The unique extraction process utilised by Nutramara employs the principles of ‘Sustainable Chemistry’ which are applied throughout the development and production of all Nutramara products. Through these processes it is ensured that the final products are as clean and green as possible, with optimum bioactivity.

The company has developed a biorefinery approach to processing to ensure 100% of the raw material seaweed is utilised to create value-added products, meaning zero waste with maximum output.


Sustainable algae cultivation & harvesting that respects global biocapital.

Using a fully renewable resource. 0ver 90,000 tonnes of seaweed is available for harvesting on a sustainable basis on the irish coast annually.

Water based, sustainable extraction processes, excluding the need for harsh chemicals & organic solvents.

Employing a cascading model to ensure 100% of the of the raw material algae is utilised to create value added products with zero waste.

Developing highly bioactive formulations and products for the conscious consumer.