Marine Molecule Specialists


Marine Molecule Specialists

The Ocean is one of the most diverse sources of bioactive and functional molecules on earth.

NutraMara was established in County Kerry, Ireland in 2017, by a team of expert marine entrepreneurs, phycologists, biochemists and molecular & cellular biologists, with a shared passion for the ocean, ocean plants and sustainability.

Investing significantly in Research, Development & Innovation, the company deployed a drug discovery strategy to isolate, characterise and validate the structure, composition and functions of an array of molecules and extracts isolated from wild, organic seaweed that were sustainably harvested by hand on the west coast of Ireland, using proprietary clean bioprocessing technologies with zero waste.

To hear more about the company please take a minute to listen to Dr. Helena McMahon's Podcast interview on Radio Kerry.

Dr Helena McMahon
Chief Product Officer, Nutramara Ltd

This has led to the development of a platform of functional marine molecules, including Fucoidans, Polyphenols, Beta-glucans, Alginic Acid, Mannitol and Marine Fibres, with key health benefits and diverse applications in the food supplements, skincare, haircare & pet nutrition industries.

Sea to self

NutraMara encompasses key pillars of the supply chain to deliver:

  • High quality biomass
  • Security of supply
  • Low carbon, zero waste bioprocessing
  • Comprehensive certifications
  • Scientifically validated marine molecules
  • Consumer product development
  • Branding and storytelling

This includes innovative brand development where these molecules and extracts, developed by the NutraMara scientific and product development team, are applied in products designed for conscious consumers.